The goal of this website is to act as an educational resource on the standards and agencies that govern regulations (like the EPA) and testing of petroleum products, jet fuel (kerosene) and diesel.  The below outlines the complex details of the different ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) Methods and the different types of analysis that can be done on crude products.

The Code for Regulations (CFR) are the official federal rules that are compiled by the departments and agencies of the federal government. The EPA and the ASTM work together to compile the following CFR:

Title 40 -> Protection of the environment

Chapter 1 -> Environmental Protection Agency

Subchapter C -> Air Pollution

Part 80 -> Regulation of fuels and fuels additives

Here is a link to the different chapters that dictate specifics of what is allowed by the Federal Government and individual state governments for air quality of fuel and fuel additives.


How to use FIA

How to use the Reformulyzer

How to use HPLC

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